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General and Preventive Medicine faculty


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CHERNYADYEV, Sergey Alexandrovich

Dean of the Faculty


HEI’s image. The UralStateMedicalUniversity’s mission is to develop the intellectual, cultural, moral and ethical potential of students, provide professional knowledge based on international standards and domestic traditions of higher medical education in the field of medical science and medical health service.

Programme presentation. Educational curriculum (programme) in General Medicine is delivered by the largest USMU’s faculty, which has the 80-year history of educating and training medical professionals. The admission rate for this specialty is permanently going up, and now it is 11.3 applicants for every place in freshmen’s. During the period of 2009-2013 54 foreign students undertook internship in the IFMSA program.

Teaching staff. Medical science schools with pedagogical traditions historically formed in the Urals play a major role in the implementation of the University’s mission. The majority of research studies are carried out in close cooperation with the Research Institute of the RussianAcademy of Science and the RussianAcademy of Medical Science. The teaching staff includes State Award winners, the Russian Federation Government Award winners, and Honored doctors of the Russian Federation and Honored teachers of higher school. Academic mobility is achieved through the teaching staff lecturing in other Universities of Russia and other countries.

Competitiveness of students. According to the results of The State Exams rating the USMU is in the 16th place among medical Universities of Russia and in the 1st place among the Universities of the region. About 12–15 % of graduates get diplomas with honors. Among students there are the Russian Federation President Scholarship, the Russian Federation Government Grant and the Sverdlovsk Region Governor Scholarship recipients. Up to 15 students are sent annually for IFMSA internship in foreign clinics.

Faculty teams represent the University at the National Competitions in Surgery, Obstetrics and other special disciplines. The scientific journey of the students starts in classrooms as they conduct research, present their investigation results both in written form and orally at the meetings of different levels.

Interaction with employers. The University provides training of a high level. It monitors the performance of students and graduates. Annual employer requirement for graduates is twice as high as the number of graduates number.