Best Educational Programs: NURSING


Institute of Nursing


DVOYNIKOV, Sergey Ivanovich



HEI’s image. The mission of the Institute of Nursing is to provide a high professional level of training in nursing care and to form moral personal qualities in the changing environment. Samara State Medical University is proud of its graduates: L.A. Kondrashkina, Deputy Chief Doctor for the work with nursing staff, “N.V. Sklifosovsky Federal Research Institute of Emergency Medicine”; V.A. Sakhonchik, Deputy Chief Doctor for the work with nursing staff, “State Clinical Hospital No. 63 of Moscow”; N.M. Bezrukova, Chief Specialist in nursing management, “Central polyclinic of the North-Western District, Moscow”.

Programme presentation. The programme is based on the modular-competence approach. Within the modules integrated and systemized learning of theoretical and practical aspects of professional activity is realized. This type of learning allows mastering the competencies, arranging and systemizing them, which increases students’ motivation. The experience of foreign colleagues in Northern and Western Europe is widely used in the delivery of the educational programme.

Teaching staff. Bachelors in Nursing Care are trained by the teaching staff which has not only Candidate and Doctor Degrees, but also wide practical experience in the sphere of healthcare and management. Specialists of the leading medical organizations are invited for conducting seminars and trainings.

Competitiveness of students. Most of the 1st year students are winners of regional Olympiads in Biology and Chemistry. The average passing grade of applicants is 180. In the University there are opportunities for student exchange and for internships in Finland.

Interaction with employers. During the period of education and training students are placed for academic and vocational practice in such medical organizations as clinics of SamaraStateMedicalUniversity, the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Samara Medical and Sanitary Unit No. 5 of Kirov District”, the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Samara State Clinical Hospital No. 1 named after N.I. Pirogov”, the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “SamaraRegionalClinicalHospital named after M.I. Kalinin”, the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Samara Regional Clinical Oncologic Dispensary”.