Best Educational Programs: PEDIATRICS


Pediatrics Faculty


Internship Residency

Postgraduate studies


BORODULINA, Tatyana Viktorovna

Dean of the Faculty


HEI’s image. Several generations of physicians and specialists in the Public Health throughout the Ural region have been trained at the Pediatrics faculty that holds one of the leading places in the field of child health care in Russia.

Programme presentation. After a successful completion of the educational course, our graduates confirm their high level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills by way of their implementation in pediatric practice. Training is based on involving information and communication education technologies. Every student participates in research work.

The quality of training was thoroughly reviewed during the process of professional public accreditation conducted by the Agency of Public Education Quality Management and Career Development.

Faculty potential. The faculty teaching staff includes a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientists of Russia, Honorary Doctors of Russia, Honored Specialists of Higher School, winners of the Russian government awards, V. Tatishchev and G. de Gennin awards. The faculty is proud of its medical research school that passes on the traditions of medical education to new generations.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the faculty regularly participate in professional Olympiads and contests. Every year 5-10% of graduates, get a diploma with honour. Employers appreciate the highest level of training of young specialists, their sufficient theoretical knowledge, practical and communication skills, aspiration for professional development. The demand for young professionals is almost twice as great as the number of graduates.

Clinical training is conducted on the basis of specialized clinics with modern high-tech equipment in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. Students improve their practical skills in the simulation centre “Practice” in USMU.

Interaction with employers. Executives and leading specialists of major medical institutions, research institutes of the city and the region are involved in the development of the educational programme, its review and implementation. They participate in the certification commission, help in organizing and conducting research. The major employer organizations include Regional Children’s ClinicalHospital №1, the Health Ministry of Sverdlovsk region, the Health Management Organization of Yekaterinburg, and the Institute of Nutrition and Research Center Nestle, Lausanne (Switzerland).