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Pediatric Faculty

Specialist’s programme


MATVEEVA, Irina Vasilyevna



HEI’s image. RyazanStateMedicalUniversity trains highly qualified specialists for public health system and is nationally and internationally renowned. The University is included into the National Register “Leading Educational Institutions of Russia”. The HEI won the gold medal “Top 100 HEIs and Research Institutes of Russia”, a diploma of competition has won “100 Best HEIs of Russia” in the category “The Best Specialized HEI”.

Programme presentation. During the first three years of the Programme students study humanitarian and biomedical disciplines. The fourth and the fifth years are focused on medical and preventive, and general professional and clinical disciplines. Sixth year students take a final inter-disciplinary examination in all basic areas of pediatrics and pediatric surgery.

Practical training starts from the second year of study: students acquire skills in child care acting as nurse assistants. Students also do compulsory nursing and medical practical training. After the fifth year students work as doctors’ assistants (polyclinic practice).

Teaching staff. The University’s teaching staff consists of 670 teachers, which includes 84 doctors of sciences and over 490 PhDs. Classes are conducted by academicians and corresponding members of different public academies of Sciences, honorary workers of sciences of the Russian Federation, honorary workers of higher school of the Russian Federation, honorary doctors of the Russian Federation, honorary inventors of the Russian Federation. Research work is conducted by teachers and students in 17 scientific schools. The Faculty’s teachers participate in academic mobility programmes.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the Faculty practice their skills on homunculi and simulators in the Centre of Simulator Training. Students acquire skills in contemporary methods of diagnosis and treatment, working with high-tech equipment in the Regional Clinic Prenatal Centre.

The main clinical bases for training pediatricians are PediatricHospital named by N.V. Dmitrieva, city pediatric hospitals, maternity hospitals – over 30 modern medical and preventive institutions of the city and the region.

Interaction with employers. The university has in place the Centre for the Graduates’ Employability. The Centre’s staff conducts informational support and career guidance of students, graduates, employers and partners, analyse demand of Ryazan, Ryazan Region and other regions of the Russian Federation for medical professionals.

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