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Faculty of General Medicine

Specialist’s programme


MATVEEVA, Irina Vasilyevna



HEI’s image. The mission of RyazanStateMedicalUniversity is providing quality professional education, which is based on combination of classical traditions of a higher medical school and up-to-date educational technologies, highly qualified teaching staff, continuity of study process and professional development of specialists in the sphere of medical care.

Programme presentation. The Faculty of General Medicine of RyazanStateMedicalUniversity is the oldest and the biggest in the University. Over 18 000 doctors graduated from the Faculty during the last 70 years. The Faculty’s graduates work in Russia and abroad.

About 70% of classes in the University are practical. 28 clinical departments are pro-vided with contemporary diagnostic and curative equipment. The University has the Centre of Simulation Training, which has branches in clinical departments.

Programmes of academic mobility are continuously developing. In 2013-2014, 20 foreign students undertook externship in RyazanStateMedicalUniversity.

Teaching staff. The University’s teaching staff consists of 670 teachers, which includes 84 doctors of sciences and over 490 PhDs, academicians and corresponding members of different public academies of Sciences, honorary workers of sciences of the Russian Federation, honorary workers of higher school of the Russian Federation, honorary doc-tors of the Russian Federation.

Intellectual resources of the University’s employees are focused on priority trends within the framework of 11 research platforms (“Cardiovascular Diseases”, “Oncology”, “Nanotechnologies in Medicine” and others). Academic mobility is continuously developing among the teaching staff.

Competitiveness of students. According to the results of the monitoring “Enrollment Quality – 2013”RyazanStateMedicalUniversity takes the leading position in Ryazan region. Students of the faculty win scholarships of the President of the Russian Federation, scholarships of the Government of the Russian Federation, scholarships of the Governor of Ryazan Region. In 2014 the Faculty’s team “Motusvitalis” took the second place in the National Olympiad “Golden MedSkill”.

Interaction with employers. Spring and Autumn Career Fairs is the University’s tradition. Representatives of medical and preventive institutions of Ryazan, Ryazan region and other regions of the Central Federal District participate in the fairs. The University, in co-operation with regional ministries and agencies, organizes “Days of Regions”, which are targeted at meeting the needs of partner regions in medical specialists.

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