Ministerial summit will be held during WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The international program of Ministers responsible for the development of vocational education in their countries will be held as part of the business program of the 45th excellence championship WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

Announced on April 25, 2019 during the reception of Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary ambassadors in Moscow, dedicated to the main international event of 2019 in Russia, the international summit of Ministers responsible for the development of vocational education in their countries will be held within the framework of the business program of the 45th world skills excellence championship WorldSkills Kazan 2019. The heads of the relevant departments will discuss the most advanced mechanisms of improving the international system of specialists’ training.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation T.A. Golikova said that the educational system and the labor market need transformation in the current economic conditions.
A new approach to training requires "human orientation and mass personalization", which will reveal the potential of each employee.

WorldSkills has become an opportunity for us to change the education system, create new standards and bring training to the international level. We have already made qualitative changes – the demand for vocational education has increased. The share of students choosing colleges has increased to 59%, and a modern training infrastructure has been created. Workshops created in 914 colleges, more than 16 thousand masters and experts participated in the WorldSkills Championships and the students are trained in accordance with the world-class standards,– T.A. Golikova noted.

Within the framework of the Ministerial summit, a project of comparing vocational training systems around the world will be presented, it will assess not only the champions, but also the overall level of training, using the WorldSkills methodology.

We invite the Ministers responsible for the development of vocational education in their countries, to develop innovative solutions in the field of training for the new economy and the transformation of the labor market in the course of the discussion, − added the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation O. Y. Vasilieva.

One of the main tasks to be solved in the near future is to reduce the gap between the requirements of the economy and training. The economy is developing much faster. We hope that with the help of the WorldSkills movement, we will combine the experience of professional training of specialists from different countries and make people more successful, and therefore happier, and, on the other hand, the national economies of the countries to develop more dynamically, – said the Director General of the Union "Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)" R. N. Urazov.

More than a thousand representatives of corporations and educational institutions, politicians and decision-makers from 80 countries will take part in the business program of WorldSkills Kazan 2019. More than 1,400 contestants from 69 countries will be involved in the competition program in 56 skills. Along with college students, juniors aged 14-16 will join the championship for the first time. In addition, there will be a FutureSkills zone – high-tech competencies, the so-called "professions of the future" for the first time.

The legacy of WorldSkills Kazan 2019 will help to strengthen the existing results of the use of WorldSkills as a tool for the development of the entire Russian vocational education system and increase the prestige of working professions.

We buy new equipment, update the material and technical base of colleges, improve the skills of industrial education instructors. Visiting the Championships has a positive impact on the education of young people, it allows them to instill a culture of labor skills, promotes the formation of skills, fosters a conscientious attitude to work, stimulates the desire to achieve better results, – added O. Y. Vasilyeva.

President of WorldSkills, Simon Bartley is confident that this practice should be applied in every country.

We are changing the education system and, thus, changing the world economy, making it stronger, more perfect for our common great future. We must unite and constantly interact, work together, – he commented.


The Union "Young professionals (WorldSkills Russia)" is the official representative of the international movement WorldSkills in Russia and covers all regions of the country. WorldSkills Russia introduces international standards and final certification for college and technical school graduates in the form of a Demonstration Exam, develops the Expert community and promotes best national and international practices in the TVET system through advanced training for masters of vocational training, educators and directors.

The main international event of 2019 in Russia is the 45th world skills excellence championship WorldSkills Kazan 2019 that will be held in Kazan from 22 to 27 August, 2019. More than 1,400 contestants from 69 countries will be involved in the competition program in 56 skills

Kazan received the right to host the championship in 2015 as a result of voting by all member countries of the movement WorldSkills International.
WorldSkills Russia covers all 85 regions and is one of the priority projects in the field of professional training.

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