Best Educational Programs: DENTISTRY


Faculty of Dentistry

Specialist’s program


CHUIKIN, Sergei Vasilevich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. In 2016 the Dentistry program was recognized as the best within the annual project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia by the Guild of Experts in the Sphere of Professional Education, the National Centre for Public Accreditation and the Accreditation in Education journal.

The Faculty of Dentistry set up the UfaScientificAdvisoryCenter, the InternationalTrainingDentistryCenter and the Dentistry Education Association.

Bashkir State Medical University offers some more best Specialist's programs in the field of Healthcare:


Teaching staff. The teachers are members of international associations, participants of international scientific programs, members of editorial boards of medical journals Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Prophylaxis, Medical Bulletin of Bashkortostan, Master of Dentistry, Department, Problems of Dentistry, members of the Special Academic and Methodological Commission for Dentistry of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. The faculty employees take an active part in practical healthcare, give consultations and treat patients, organize research conferences, participate in international and Russian conferences.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students participated in organization of the Olympic Games in Sochi, the SCO and BRICS summits as volunteers.

Over 2,500 specialists, who graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at different times, work in the Republic of Bashkortostan, in many regions of Russia and the CIS countries as well as in Germany, Italy, Israel, India, Egypt, Vietnam, etc. Many of them do active research, hold positions of chief physicians, are founders and directors of their own clinics.

Facilities and resources. Specialists are trained at the university dental clinic with modern equipment as well as at city pediatric and adult dental clinics, the maxillofacial departments of Hospital No.21 and the RepublicanPediatricClinicalHospital.

The educational process actively applies state-of-the-art technologies and training aids; there are classrooms equipped with dental teachin simulator systems and a simulation center. Students have access to the abundant library resources and electronic databases, internet classrooms. State-subsidized students are accommodated in a dormitory. The university offers students facilities for doing sports and participating in numerous mass cultural events.

Opportunities for students. Graduates of the faculty can continue their study at the university taking a clinical residency or postgraduate program.

Employment prospects. Dental therapist, prosthodontist, orthodontist, dental surgeon, maxillo-facial surgeon.