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Pharmaceutical Faculty

Specialist’s program


MARASANOV, Sergei Borisovich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. Tver State Medical University is the big educational research medical institution involved in fundamental, exploratory, methodological and applied research studies. Over the years the university has been among the Top 10 medical and pharmaceutical universities of Russia based on the activities ranking score.

Tver State Medical University offers some more best Specialist's programs in the field of Healthcare:


Teaching staff. Over 70% of the academic staff have qualification in the appropriate field of study.

University partners within the educational program. Tver State Medical University is liaising with the universities of Germany, the USA. The university integration into the world educational system is carried out through its participation in various international educational and research programs.

Facilities and resources. The Pharmaceutical Faculty has necessary facilities for all kinds of disciplinary and interdisciplinary training, laboratory-based, practical and research work of students. Designated laboratories are adequately equipped. There are clubs and artistic groups for students (classical and pop singing, instrumental group, ballroom dance and pop dance, fashion theater, etc.) There are dormitory rooms for nonresident students.

Opportunities for students. Future pharmacists do practical training at various medical establishments, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, scientific institutions as well as departments and clinics of the universities. More than 20 best pharmacies of Tver, Tver pharmaceutical factory, the Regional Center for Certification and Quality Control of Medicines offer their facilities for practical training of the university students. The graduates of the Pharmaceutical Faculty are in demand at pharmacy institutions of Tver and the Tver Region, Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Bryansk Region, the Ivanovo Region and other regions of the Russian Federation. The University Work Placement Commission takes on the task of professional development and job market adjustment of the graduates.

Employment prospects. Normally at the entry-level of their career the alumni work as a pharmacist-in-charge at a pharmacy. At a later stage administration line career development is possible (for example, acquiring a position of a pharmacy director, or a medical depot manager). Alumni can be involved in medicines manufacturing, or participate in new drugs development. Self-employment is also an option, for example, launching a new pharmacy, or a medicinal products selling company.