Best Educational Programs: GENERAL MEDICINE


Faculty of General Medicine

Specialist’s program


OSADCHII, Vitalii Anatolevich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. Based on the results of the competition in the placement of state order for specialist training held by the Government of the Russian Federation the faculty has been included in the reputable first Group A. The faculty successfully goes through the procedure of professional-public accreditation on a regular basis; the last accreditation was gained in 2013. Currently faculty trains over 2,000 Russian and international students.

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Teaching staff. The educational program is conducted by more than 450 teachers well-known both in Russia and abroad, including Corresponding Members of the Russian Aca­demy of Sciences, Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, Honored Workers of the Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Over the years of their fruitful activity, a number of pedagogical and research schools, mainly in cardiology, therapy and surgical diseases have been established.

University partners within the educational program. The university have long-lasting cooperation relationships with the local healthcare authorities of a number of regions of the Russian Federation, leading research and educational organizations of the Russian Federation, medical and preventive treatment facilities of Tver being the clinical sites of the university. The university also has collaborative relationships with the medical faculties of Saarland University in Germany and the University of Parma in Italy.

Facilities and resources. Modern academic buildings and clinical departments are located in the leading medical and preventive treatment facilities of Tver, including the university hospital and outpatient clinic. A number of field-specific laboratories and computer classes are set up. There is a specialized sports and recreation center with modern training equipment.

Opportunities for students. The university successfully implements a number of national and international programs, a special place among which belongs to the Russian-German summer school and the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities, which allows exchange of students with high academic performance and achievements in research. The faculty graduates can participate in the Global Education Program and continue their postgraduate studies at the leading foreign medical higher education institutions. Student research associations are actively working under the departments of the faculty. The students involved in research are widely published, including journals of the list of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. They regularly appear at the international, national and regional scientific forums and frequently take prize-winning places. The students have many opportunities to employ their organizational, athletic and creative skills.

Employment prospects. Upon completion of the educational program the graduates can specialize in various areas of medicine.