Best Educational Programs: PEDIATRICS


Pediatric Faculty

Specialist’s program


KHARCHENKO, Vladimir Vasilevich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. This educational program was top ranked within the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2011‑2016.

Kursk State Medical University offers some more best Specialist's programs in the field of Healthcare:


Teaching staff. The academic staff of the university include nationally recognized educators awarded honorary titles for their professional achievements: 20 Honored Doctors of the Russian Federation, four Honored Workers of Higher Education of the Rusian Federation, 32 Professors Emeritus of Kursk State Medical University. Seventy-four percent of the teaching staff hold academic degrees and titles. Top management and practitioners from the industry are involved in the program delivery. The share of the representatives from the industry is 13% of the teaching staff.

University partners within the educational program.KurskStateMedicalUniversity is included in the West-European Research and Educational Medical Cluster. The university has agreements on cooperation with HEIs in Russia, Belarus, and Armenia.

Students’ achievements. D.A. Severinov, a final year student, was awarded the RF President’s scholarship, Yu.E. Konstantinova was awarded the RF Government scholarship. Students of the faculty took the first place in the All-Russian Olympiad of Medical Skill; the third place in the All-Russian M.I. Perelman Student Olympiad in surgery; the first place in Kursk Surgery Week: Education, Science, Practice; the second and third places in the V All-Russian Olympiad in endosurgery organized by PirogovRussianNationalResearchMedicalUniversity.

Facilities and resources. Non-resident students are accommodated in six dormitories. The university has five sports halls, a gym, three open playgrounds. All the lecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories are adequately equipped. There are 16 display classrooms where state-of-the-art equipment is intensively used in the educational process. The center of accreditation and simulating learning and teaching is also involved in the educational process. There are four research institutes operating at the university: experimental medicine, general pathology, physiology, genetic and molecular epidemiology. In 2016 a university representative office was established in Malaysia.

Opportunities for students. Students take part in academic mobility programs implemented in collaboration with GomelStateMedicalUniversity (Belarus) and YerevanStateMedicalUniversity (Armenia). Upon the Specialist’s program completion students can continue their postgraduate studies to pursue degrees in clinical medicine, fundamental medicine, biological sciences, pharmacy. There are three dissertation councils at the university. Students can also undertake further residency training in 33 specialities. Students gain primary professional and research skills during on-the-job placement in medical clinics, which takes place from the first to the final year of their studies.

Employment prospects. General physician and over 30 specialties of medical residency.