Best Educational Programs: DENTISTRY


Faculty of Dentistry

Specialist’s program


KOCHUBEINIK, Alyona Valerevna



Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program was top ranked in the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia 2016.

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy offers some more best Specialist's programs in the field of Healthcare:


Teaching staff. Forty theoretical and clinical departments deliver the studies. The faculty consists of highly qualified teachers including 19% Doctors of Sciences, 52% Candidates of Sciences, 16% Professors, and 35% Associate Professors. Many of them hold the titles of Honored Workers of Science of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctors, Honored Workers of Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Academy partners within the educational program. Students and teachers of Nizhny NovgorodStateMedicalAcademy took training courses and did internships in private dental clinics in Schönebeck (Germany). In 2016 around 20 Academy employees had work placements there giving reports and lectures. Manufacturing companies specializing in dental equipment and teeth and mouth care are actively involved in the educational process.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Students widely participate in Oolympiads (the first place in the Interuniversity Students’ Olympiad in Propedeutic Dentistry, Saratov; the first place in the Sixth All-Russian Olympiad in Dentistry, Volgograd; the first place in the Third Multiregional Research and Training Conference, Saransk, 2015). The faculty alumni are now members of the academy staff and hold the leading positions in the Ministry of Healthcare of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (A.V. Kochubeinik—the Faculty Dean, E.A. Durnovo—non-staff chief specialist of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Volga Federal District in oral and maxillofacial surgery, N.E. Khommutinnikova—chief non-staff specialist (maxillofacial surgeon) of the Nizhny Novgorod Region).

Facilities and resources. In-house clinical facilities for practical training, for example, a dental clinic and the ImplantDentistryCenter with five specialized dental departments for the practical training of students, a simulation center, a dental laboratory. The departments of conservative, surgical, orthopedic and propedeutic dentistry are fitted with all necessary modern equipment.

Opportunities for students. The academy has a license for training in residency, graduate and postgraduate studies. Over 40 departments of the academy take part in the medical residents training. Both Russian and foreign students study here. The academy regularly holds Olympiads, competitions, dentist skills championships, seminars, lectures and workshops, practical courses aimed at improving the competence of students, residents, postgraduate students and dentists.

Employment prospects. Dentist.