Best Educational Programs: GENERAL MEDICINE


Faculty of General Medicine

Specialist’s program


KULIKOVA, Nadezhda Anatolevna



Awards and achievements of the educational program. This program successfully underwent the state accreditation procedure in 2014. Over the recent years the program has become the winner of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia several times. It is declared compliant with the international ISO standard. The students and teachers of the faculty took part in the third phase of an experiment by the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service in objective assessment of students’ knowledge and were acknowledged among the best medical universities.

Ivanovo State Medical Academy also offers a Specialist's program in  Pediatrics.

Teaching staff. Fifty-eight Doctors of Sciences and 149 Candidates of Sciences teach in 36 departments. Many of them are winners of different state, departmental and social awards. Top representatives from the industry are often involved in teaching and research work.

Academy partners within the educational program. Under the interuniversity cooperation program as a part of the West-European cluster, the faculty staff works on the creation of public open online courses in the humanities and sciences. Close cooperation is maintained with the universities of Latvia and Great Britain.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. Every year the academy students take top places in all-Russian and international conferences, olympiads, competitions, get grants and scholarships awarded by the President and the Government of the RF. The academy is proud of its graduates and alumni. They are employed as heads of research institutes, medical universities and healthcare centers of Russia as well as outstanding teachers, medical practitioners well known both in Russia and abroad. One of them is T.B. Dmitrieva, Academician of the RussianAcademy of Medical Sciences, who was the Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation in 1996-1998.

Facilities and resources. The academy has technologically advanced educational and scientific training facilities which allow for comprehensive training of specialists. The clinical sites are major multidisciplinary medical institutions of Ivanovo with modern equipment including the clinic of IvanovoStateMedicalAcademy. The center of continuous practical training has all the necessary conditions for students to obtain sustainable practical knowledge and skills. The academy provides its students with healthcare services, catering and recreation. Comfortable dormitories are available for non-resident students. Students can reveal their talents in art, creativity and sports. There are social and cultural adaptation programs which can be of use for foreign students.

Opportunities for students. Students are involved in research from the beginning of their studies at the academy. International mobility programs help analyze healthcare systems in foreign countries.

Employment prospects. General practitioner.