Best Educational Programs: PREVENTIVE MEDICINE


Medical Prophylactic Faculty

Specialist’s program


BEREZIN, Igor Ivanovich



Awards and achievements of the educational program. The program was often top ranked in the framework of the annual project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia.

Samara State Medical University offers some more best Specialist's programs in the field of Healthcare:


Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 12 Doctors of Sciences, Professors or Associate Professors, 20 Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors of the degree-granting department as well as by seven representatives from the industry. Eighty-nine percent of the teaching staff hold academic degrees.

University partners within the educational program. The partner universities involved in the program delivery included in the Nizhnevolzhsky science and educational medical cluster are the following: Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky, Bashkir State Medical University, Orenburg State Medical University, Ogarev Mordovia State University, and Penza State University. The academic staff of the university maintain strong academic relations with the representatives of medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, and Volgograd. The faculty closely cooperates with the units and organizations of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing in the Samara, Penza, and Ulya­novsk Regions.

Students’ achievements. Over 95% of students graduating from the faculty are employed in accordance with their background education. Students often take prizes, certificates of winners and laureates in all-Russia, interregional and regional olympiads, contests, conferences, professional skill contests, etc.

Facilities and resources. The university offers four comfortable dormitories for 2,500 places, two well-equipped sports halls, a new open air playground for team sports, numerous sport rooms, artistic societies, a cantering center, two students’ canteens, five refreshment rooms, an interuniversity student medical center.

Opportunities for students. Beginning from the fourth year of studies students spend a significant part of their studies at the premises of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Samara and the Samara Region, operation facilities. Active students proficient in English and interested in professional advancement take part in academic mobility programs. The university has agreements on cooperation with partners from over 50 countries. Immediately after enrollment in the university, students can do research in different departments. The most prospective students continue their education to pursue a postgraduate degree.

Employment prospects. Specialist expert, bacteriologist, virologist, disinfectologist, pathologist, parasitologist, physician for hygiene of children and adolescents, physician for food hygiene, occupational hygienist, physician for hygienic education, physician for common hygiene, physician for radiation hygiene, medical officer for sanitary-hygienic laboratory research, physician for community hygiene and organization of sanitary and epidemiological service, epidemiologist.