Best Educational Programs: PEDIATRICS


Faculty of Pediatrics

Specialist’s program


VOTIAKOVA, Olga Innokentevna



Awards and achievements of the educational program. This program successfully underwent the state accreditation procedure in 2014 and ranked among the best programs of the project Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia in 2014 and 2016. The program was certified by the quality management system according to the requirements of the international ISO standard.

Ivanovo State Medical Academy also offers a Specialist's program in General Medicine.

Teaching staff. Thirty-nine clinical and theoretical departments provide advanced-technology facilities and other necessary conditions for the educational process. The teaching staff are highly qualified. IvanovoStateMedicalAcademy ranks among the leading medical universities of Russia concerning the number of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences; they make over 78% of the staff at the Faculty of Pediatrics.

Academy partners within the educational program. The clinical sites of the academy are multidisciplinary medical institutions of Ivanovo, one of them is V.N. Gorodkov Ivanovo Research Institute of Maternity and Childhood.

Students’ and alumni’s achievements. A great number of pediatricians and healthcare officials graduated from the academy during the years of its activity; they are employed nationwide and abroad. IvanovoStateMedicalAcademy is proud of the scientists who significantly contributed to the achievements of the medical science. T.V. Iakovleva, Deputy Minister of Healthcare; N.N. Vaganov, Chairman of the Board of Children’s Hospital Association of the Russian Federation, and other outstanding pediatricians are among them. The best students get scholarships, take part and often win in international and Russian conferences and olympiads.

Facilities and resources. The academy pays much attention to the social support of students. Comfortable dormitories are located near the academic building and the main clinical sites. The academy pursues the policy of healthy lifestyle and health protection. Students have such facilities as an arts center, a sports center and different hobby clubs at their disposal.

Opportunities for students. Students can master their medical professional skills in the continuous practical training center equipped with simulators and robotized manikins. Senior students have practical classes in municipal clinics equipped with the modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The students of the academy have an opportunity to compete for grants, present in conferences and other educational events. The academy supports a strong volunteers’ movement. International internships are aimed at analyzing the issues of healthcare systems and social policies in the European countries.

Employment prospects. Pediatrician.

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