General Medicine in Ural State Medical University


Ural State Medical University

Faculty of General Medicine

Specialist's program


CHERNIADIEV, Sergei Aleksandrovich


Current position in rankings. The university was ranked 9th in the annual ranking "Top 10 Medical Universities in Russia" by RAEX (2018) and 68th position in the ranking of Russian HEIs by RAEX (2018).

Achievements and awards. Implementation of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of the leading scientific schools of Russia, the project "Biomineral Formations: Development of Materials Science Research Methods, Applications in Fundamental Medicine and Earth Sciences (in Palaeoenvironmental Reconstructions);" implementation of the grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the project "Electromechanical and Mechanoelectrical Transducers Based on Biocompatible Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering." As part of the UMNIK and START grant competitions, the projects in the field of biotechnology, advanced materials and medicine of the future are implemented.

Teaching staff. The program is delivered by 164 teachers. Over 30% have a Doctor's degree. The traditional Ural scientific schools of Professors A.T. Lidsky, B.P. Kushelevsky, D.G. Shefer, etc., well-known in Russia and abroad, play an important part in the educational process. Scientists from Russia, the Netherlands, Denmark, and other countries are invited to teach at the university.

Facilities and resources. The university widely uses simulation technologies (a simulation and accreditation center, phantom classrooms with dedicated software at the departments). The educational portal provides access to the information resources.

Research. The university has 20 scientific schools. There are 47 research areas with a high level of originality in research. The research findings have been introduced into the educational process.

International projects and programs. The university implements joint scientific projects with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston), Johns Hopkins University (Maryland), Rockefeller University (New York), Harvard Medical School (Boston), Cambridge Institute for Biomedical Research (England), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), etc.

Competitive advantages. Students do practical training at federal research institutions, multifaceted medical and preventive treatment facilities supplied with laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopic equipment, computer MRI scanners.

The General Medicine program successfully underwent international professional-public accreditation in 2018 and proved compliance with the international quality standards ENQA. In 2018 100% of graduates successfully underwent primary accreditation.

Assistance and support for foreign students and teachers. Up to 15 people annually go to foreign clinics for undertaking work placement as part of the IFMSA program. The information for international applicants is available at