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In a rapidly changing world universities are facing the following challenges: HEI's brand positioning as a factor of international competitiveness improvement; HEI as a news source; influence of informational transparency on HEI's performance; insufficiency of informational promotion of its achievements.

The modern University, being one of the main drivers of socioeconomic development, is expected to respond quickly to ever-changing world in order to create favorable conditions that contribute to the disclosure of the personal potential of the person. At the same time, universities need to respond timely and flexibly to the requirements of stakeholders (society, state, employers), to global trends, and to compete successfully with other educational service providers.

To be more precise, universities constitute the most important sector of society, the human capital and the human values, the foundation of the future, and higher education is the foundation of these values worldwide. These values are passed on from century to century, from generation to generation in both top world universities and small universities known only locally. This mission has always been the most important.

And universities fulfill this mission with one strict condition – their ability to hearing each other should be maximized because the global world scales up all of the criteria and “threshold requirements” including this one.

That’s our projection of the HED mission and goal: this is an international online community for the interuniversity dialogue with the highest level of interaction.

If you would like to inform various stakeholders on the upcoming event or project you are planning to implement, contact HED, your reliable media partner.

Media partnership

Higher Education Discovery traditionally acts as a media partner of many large-scale international and all-Russian educational events (exhibitions, forums, conferences, etc.) providing space for promotional and informational materials of the events significant for the academicians.

We invite event planners for cooperation in promoting upcoming activities online and offline and could offer the following:

  • banner on https://hedclub.com, 370x123 pixels;
  • banner on http://akvobr.ru, 360x100 pixels;
  • press release and a post-show report on hedclub.com (in English);
  • press release and a post-show report on akvobr.ru (in Russian);
  • publication of an artwork, event announcement in the Higher Education Discovery (HED) international journal (global circulation over 80 countries);
  • publication of an artwork, event announcement in the Russian-language Akkreditatsiya v obrazovanii  journal (circulation 3,000 copies);
  • inclusion of the advertisements into the newsletter (more than 10,000 recipients);

Visit our advertising promotion page for more options.

About us

The HED (Higher Education Discovery) international project was initiated by Accreditation in Education Company, the leading Russian company specializing in educational projects and events and their media support. We help our partners distribute their information effectively and obtain current analytical information, promote educational projects, best practices and find new partners. HED networks thousands of international universities, hundreds of Russian universities and colleges.

Our projects have been successfully implemented since 2005, including:

  • Information and analytical Akkreditatsiya v obrazovanii journal;
  • Higher Education Discovery international project;
  • NAMES in Education  journal;
  • Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia reference book;
  • Best University Press Service All-Russian project;
  • MEDIA Activity of the Universities of the Russian Federation project;
  • Bank of Best Practices of Further Professional Education in Russia;
  • Webinar sessions for various departments of universities, Online EDU Fair.

International educational advertising website HEDCLUB.com

The survey of the international affairs departments carried out by in 2017 revealed that 96% of respondents preferred active strategies of partner search, only 3.7% stated that they prefer to be contacted by their international partners first. In other words, we are currently observing the active development of the proactive university policies of internationalization and transparency which are evolving in higher education institutions over the globe. We aim to support this global tendency using a variety of tools.

One of such tools is international website HEDCLUB.com which has over 500 registered higher education institutions from Russia and abroad as of September 2018. The website is a platform to inform the academic public and disseminate education news on upcoming international events (conferences, forums, exhibitions, fairs), as well as to find partners for the common projects.

You are invited to become the member of international education advertising website HEDCLUB.com  and post your advertisements, search our online global partnership database for new opportunities, create new links to establish cooperation with educational organizations abroad, joint research with student and staff exchange, education fair announcements, sponsorship and grants, research and development.

For example, you can announce key events happened in 2018 academic year, or invite to participate in projects and events planned for 2018-2019 academic year - from your personal account for free.

We hope this tool will significantly contribute to enhancing the internationalization and developing cross-border partnerships.

Higher Education Discovery international journal

The journal was first introduced to the public during the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) Academic Conference (AAC) and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2017. A year has passed and we have already made strong partnerships with higher education institutions over the globe since then. One year is a too short lifespan, yet our journal has accomplished a lot: we have had a bunch of meaningful events, effective meetings, bright ideas, strategic initiatives and much more. Our readers might wonder what the outcomes of the first year are? First and foremost: the global system of education is extremely diverse. We were privileged to get to know higher education institutions from 80 countries of the world and build strong partnerships with them. Even though the national environment and educational policies are diverse, the departments of international cooperation at different universities over the globe face similar challenges and represent similar hierarchical academic and information structures, tools, criteria, and objectives.

We are grateful to our readers and subscribers: universities, educational institutions, government agencies, educational authorities, quality assurance agencies, student recruitment agencies in 80 countries.

Read more education news including international events, conferences, forums, exhibitions, and other important venues on hedclub.com, international education advertising website.

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