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Faculty of Philology and Mass Communications

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


ROMANOV, Igor Alexandrovich



HEI’s image. TransbaikalStateUniversity is the first and the biggest HEI in the region. Educational and research potential of the University meets contemporary requirements and guarantees sustainable development of higher education in the region. The University creates necessary conditions for acquiring quality education, developing professional, research and creative skills of every student.

Programme presentation. Philology is a prestigious classical branch of contemporary humanitarian science. It combines best traditions of the school of literature and learning foreign languages. Philological education is available at the Departments of Romano-Germanic Philology and Russian Philology (for foreign students). Students study foreign languages, acquire a wide range of humanitarian knowledge – study foreign and Russian literature, theory and practice of translation, world art, country studies of Europe and USA.

Graduates of bachelor’s programme have an opportunity to continue their studies in the framework of the master’s programme, which is implemented in Russian and English languages. In 2009-2014, more than 300 foreign students graduated from the University.

Teaching staff. Linguistic and literary scientific schools contribute much to the implementation of the University’s mission. The major part of research work, the developed grants of the Federal Targeted Programmes, the Russian Foundation for Humanities, activities within the framework of state orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation are executed for the benefit of practical education.

The Faculty’s teaching staff includes Doctors of Sciences and PhDs, Honoured Teachers of the Russian Federation, Honored Workers of Higher School of the Russian Federation. Many of them are published in national and international peer-reviewed periodicals. The academic mobility of teachers is rapidly developing.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the Faculty of Philology and Mass Communications participate in Olympiads of different levels, research work, and present results of their research activity at research and practice conferences. The programme of academic exchange with QiqiharUniversity (People’s Republic of China) gives students an opportunity to study in the partner-HEI for one year.

Every year about 10% of the Faculty’s students graduate with honours.

Interaction with employers. The University conducts continuous monitoring of the Programme’s results among graduates and employees, which assures high quality education.

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