Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology

Specialist’s programme


PROKHOROVA, Larisa Petrovna



Programme presentation. The Faculty of Romano-Germanic Philology carries outeducation and training of highly qualified translators in the framework of the specialty “Practice and Theory of Translation” (profile “Specialized translation”). Graduates of the Faculty know two foreign languages and have skills of oral (simultaneous, consecutive) and written (literary and specialized) translation.

A language room with interpretation facilities as well as multimedia classrooms with the equipment of audio and video reproducing in the analog and digital formats is used in the study process.

In cooperation with the French Resource Centre, the Centre of the German Language and Culture and foreign partners the Faculty arranges different cultural and language events including the European Languages Week, the Francophone Week, “Etoile” French Song Festival, the German Language and Culture Festival. The Faculty also organizes traditional annual language Olympiads, conferences and competitions in translation.

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Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the Faculty is highly-professional, 70% are Doctors and Candidates of Philology and Education. Many teachers undertook special language internships in the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, France, Israel and China and are practicing translators. Every year the Faculty invites foreign specialists to give lectures for students.

Competitiveness of students. The average grade of applicants enrolled in this programme according to the results of the Unified State Examination is the highest at the University (87.1 in 2013). The Faculty maintains cooperation with large HEIs, among them are universities of German (Berlin, Koblenz-Landau, Munich), the USA (Bowling Green, Lock Haven), France (Paris, Strasburg, Mulhouse) and Belgium (Brussels, Antwerp). Due to different educational exchange programmes students undertake annual language intern-ships abroad. There are also foreign students at the Faculty.

Interaction with employers. Professional translators with a high level of knowledge of several foreign languages and intercultural communication skills are in high demand in state institutions and different private structures. Graduates of the programme with the qualification of “Linguist-translator” may work in all spheres of economy including tour-ism business, translator agencies and other organizations with international connections.

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