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SIMAEVA, Irina Nikolaevna



Programme presentation. Graduates of Advertising and public Relations major sup-port communication processes in social, political, economic, cultural, educational, and scientific spheres. Our graduates apply technologies of mass, business and personal communication, are knowledgeable of technologies of competitive promotion of goods and services, arrange events to shape public opinion.

Many graduates work in large regional and federal companies, public institutions, in the Government of Kaliningrad Region, in advertising agencies of Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, in public relations, and advertising departments, etc.

In the course of partnership relations with several foreign universities, BFU regularly holds the InternationalSummerEuropeanSchool for Geo-branding inviting leading scholars of Moscow State University, European Institute of PR (Paris), EuropeanSchool of International Management (Paris), heads of European media agencies.

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Teaching staff. The competitive advantage of the teaching staff is part time employment of the regional media, advertising and PR agencies’ heads of Kaliningrad Region. The students are taught by representatives of the largest regional media holding “Western Press”, representatives of “Europe” Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Soyuz Corporation, LLC “Lukoil-Kaliningradmorneft”, etc.

Competitiveness of students. The students of this study programme take part in the network bachelor’s project offered jointly with Northern (Arctic) FederalUniversity and M. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk. The students are also active participants and prize-winners of national and international conferences such as ’Moscow Week’, ’NovyiVzglyad’, ’Sphere’, etc. In 2014, ASTROnight project won a prize at the 3rd national Competition of Students and Corporate Communication Projects Evetiada Awards.

Students are placed for work experience in the PR departments, marketing, advertising and commercial institutions of the region, in the leading regional media with sub-sequent placement in those companies. The basic places of working practice are in the Government of Kaliningrad Region, Kaliningrad Duma, ’Western Press’ media holding, ’Europe’ SEC, advertising agencies ’Easel and Brothers’, ’Enclave Reklama’, ’Idée fixe’, etc.

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