Best Educational Programs: CULTUROLOGY


Institute of Culture and Arts

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


ISTIKHOVSKAYA, Marina Dmitrievna

Rector of SyktSU


Programme presentation. Modern Russian society is in dire need of well-trained professionals for cultural institutions, public administration of culture and organization ofsocial and cultural events and projects. The strength of the programme is a successful combination of fundamental education and social and practical focus of training within the implementation of republican and national social and cultural projects.

This area of training has a developed infrastructure and is provided with material and technical facilities which allow students to learn the history of culture and arts and contemporary art techniques and to acquire sound knowledge in methodology and methods of research, which is reflected in high quality of Candidate theses, investigating topical issues of modern culture. There is an information and educational centre “RussianMuseum: Virtual Branch”, electronic resources of which help to discover the Russian culture and create a sense of national pride, patriotism and love for the history of Motherland. Theˇ international conference on the semiotics of culture “Semiosis and Culture” is con-ducted annually and involves researchers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russian regions and foreign countries.

Syktyvkar State University offers two more best educational programs in the field of Humanities:

LAW - Bachelor’s program, Master’s program, Postgraduate program

LINGUISTICS - Bachelor’s program

Teaching staff. Education is carried out by Doctors of Sciences, specialists in theory and history of culture, history, philosophy as well as Candidates in Culturology and the Study of Arts. The Department of Culturology and Pedagogical Anthropology has a research school in semiotics of culture. The staff took an active part in the development ofˇ the project of Finno-Ugric ethnic and cultural park as well as in carrying out International research conference in 2014, which was dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Pitirim Sorokin, a famous sociologist.

Competitiveness of students. Students take part in contests, cultural campaigns of electronic mass media (the network commonwealth “Culturology in the Republic of Komi”) and in “February readings” of SyktSU and publish their papers in annual collections of student research works.

Graduates are ready for expert and analytical activity in social and cultural sphere, professional analytics in arts and in cultural heritage preservation and are capable of creating social and cultural projects and implementing them. Serious theoretical background al-lows students to do effective research.

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