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Faculty of Law


YURKEVICH, Nickolay Alexeevich



Programme presentation. Education and training of law students at the KemerovoStateUniversity has been carried out since its foundation in 1974. Since 2011, the Faculty has been carrying out the training of Bachelor’s students in “Law” in 3 profiles: “Public Law”, “Civil Law” and “Criminal Law”. Students may continue their education in the Master’s programmes in “International Law” and “Law Enforcement and Judicial Activities”.

The main objective of the Programme is to train competitive, tolerant and competent specialists with a high level of legal culture and awareness and fundamental knowledge in different spheres of legal activity demanded by the state and society.

The aim of the study process is to form necessary professional skills and knowledge in the sphere of constitutional justice, civil service, international and regional protection of human rights, statutory law, financial control, administrative justice and process, bank, insurance, town-planning and business activities. Such specialists are in-demand in the labour of legal services as well as in operational and search activities, investigation management and planning, application of punishment and classification of crimes.

The specific character of the educational process provides the formation of quality and comprehensive training of prospective specialists and a high-performance activity in all spheres of legal studies.

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Competitiveness of students. Every year the Faculty arranges an International re-search conference of students and young researchers “Legal education. Civil Society. FairState”. As a result of this conference a collection of research papers in all profiles of training is published.

Interaction with employers. Leading specialists and heads of organizations and institutions in legal studies are involved in the educational process. In the framework of cooperation and with a view to employment of graduates the Faculty has concluded agreements with the Public Prosecution Office of the Kemerovo region, the District Court of Kemerovo, the Arbitration Court of the Kemerovo region, LLC “SDS Finance”, non-governmental and non-profit organization “Law Society of the Kemerovo region”, JSC “Koks” and others.

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