Best Educational Programs: ART OF FOLK SINGING


Department of Folk Singing

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme


CHABAN, Svetlana Nikolaevna

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. As a substitution of the programme Folk Art, the newly introduced programme the Art of Folk Singing has successfully integrated in the variety of contemporary specialties and education areas. The Programme’s objective is to train highly qualified singers in the field of folk music and singing art. The study process is based on the implementation of modern methods and techniques, targeted at mainte-nance, dissemination and popularization of the traditional music art of the region. The Department of Folk Singing is a centre of study of Oryol traditional folklore.

Students’ achievements in concert performances and research activity prove the highest level of the Programme’s implementation. The Department’s teachers initiate and win national and international contests of performers, participate in research conferences and seminars.

Teaching staff. Highly qualified teaching staff assures high quality of education. The teaching staff includes an Honorary Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Professor S.N. Chaban, PhD in History of Arts; assistant professor T.V. Tischenkova, PhD in History of Arts; O.V.Chernobaeva, candidate of pedagogical sciences assistant professor G.V. Yakushkina, assistant professor N.G. Gluhova, awardees of national and international con-tests and festivals N.V. Titova and M.N. Zakharova.

Competitiveness of students. Students of the Department participate in scholarship programmes (scholarships of the Governor and the President of the Russian Federation, the “Gifted Young People” scholarship); they are awardees of national and international contests of folk singers, winners of creativity competitions.

Interaction with employers. The labour market demand for the Department’s graduates is very high all over the Oryol region. They work as folklore teachers in institutions of general and further education, leaders of amateur and professional groups of folk singers, teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The Department constantly expands cooperation with partner organizations of the city and the region in the framework of research and creative project “Days of Folklore”: joint re-search conferences, master-classes, workshops, performance competitions.