Best Educational Programs: COMPOSITION


Department of Composition and Instrumentation

Specialist’s programme


VOLKOV, Kirill Evgenyevich

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. The Department of Composition and Instrumentation of Russian Gnessin’s Academy of Music trains highly qualified specialists in the sphere of mu-sic composition and teaching special and theoretical music disciplines in secondary and higher education institutions.

The Department is considered one of the best in Russia. Aram Khachaturian, Mikael Tariverdiev, David Tukhmanov and other famous composers graduated from the GNESSINS’ Academy. The Department’s successful activity is proved by a great number of prizes won by students-composers at national and international competitions; new study programmes of specialty disciplines, numerous young students-composers from abroad, graduates – composers, teachers, musicians, who work in Russia and abroad.

Teaching staff. High quality training is provided by qualified specialists – 16 professors, 13 assistant-professors and PhDs in Art Studies, 8 Honoured Workers of Art of the Russian Federation and Honoured Workers of Higher School of the Russian Federation, 4 winners of State Prizes and Scholarships of Moscow Government. Among them the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, winner of the State Prize K.E. Volkov; the winner of the Scholarship of Moscow Government A.I. Golovin; the Honoured Workers of Art of the Russian Federation A.L. Larin, V.V. Pyankov, V.B. Dovgan.

All teachers are members of the Russian Union of Composers. The music by the composers of the GNESSINSAcademy is regularly played in concert halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions of Russia. Professors and teachers of the Department organize festivals of modern music, competitions, concerts in the Grand and Small concert halls of the Academy.

Competitiveness of students. Starting from the first year, students are engaged in practical and research activity. Students attend lectures and master-classes of specialists from Germany, France, the USA and other countries and participate in foreign exchange programmes within the framework of rapidly developing international cooperation.

The wide spectre of students’ competencies enables them to work in different areas of musical art, concert performance, educational activity, art studies, music criticism and music journalism.