Best Educational Programs: ART OF FOLK SINGING


Department of Choral and Solo Folk Singing

Bachelor’s programme


MEDVEDEVA, Marina Vasilyevna

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. Russian Gnessin’s Academy of Music trains bachelors in the field of folk singing in the programmes “Choral Folk Singing” and “Solo Folk Singing”. The area of professional activity of graduates includes musical performance; directing folk singing (professional, training, amateur) groups; education in the field of musical art and culture; musical pedagogics in educational institutions. Graduates have wide-range opportunities for implementing their knowledge, skills and abilities in the contemporary labor market.

After mastering the basic bachelor’s study programme students have a possibility to continue their study in the master’s programme.

Teaching staff. The teaching stuff of the Department of Choral and Solo Folk Singing is the founder and organizer of national competition festivals: “Young Talents of Russia” and “Eternal Origins”. In cooperation with the creative workshop of the People’s Artist of Russia V.K. Nesterov, the Department participates in the International competition festival “Dance and sing, young Russia!”

With the assistance of the leading specialists in folk singing art, the Department organizes national research conferences in folk singing and education. Directors of Russian professional folk choirs share their experience in master classes: People’s Artist of the Russian Federation S.K. Ignatyeva, recognized masters of solo folk singing – People’s Artist of the Russian Federation A.P. Litvinenko, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation T.Y. Petrova and others.

Competitiveness of students. Students participate in concert and performance activity; take part in public concerts, musical competitions and festivals. During the study process students acquire theoretical music knowledge, skills and abilities together with practical experience of creative activity.

Interaction with employers. The study process is conducted in cooperation with famous ensembles: thePyatnitsky Russian Folk Choir, the Academic Choir of the Russian Song “Songs of Russia”, the State Academic North Russian Folk Choir.

After leaving the HEI graduates work in leading professional folk singing groups of Russia, such as the Kuban Cossack Choir, Orenburg State Academic Russian Folk Choir, and others.