Best Educational Programs: ART OF FOLK SINGING


Faculty of Folk Art

Master’s programme


PATOSHINA, Anastasiya Yuryevna



HEI’s image. The faculty of Folk Art of Russian Gnessin’s Academy of Music is proud of its graduates: art director of the ensemble “Russian Song” N.G. Babkina; People’s Artist of the Russian Federation A.P. Litvinenko; the leading singer of the ensemble “Golden Ring” N.N. Kadysheva; People’s Artist of the Russian Federation V.S. Devyatov; People’s Artist of the Russian Federation N.G. Bannova and others.

Programme presentation. Graduates of the Programme are in great demand in the labour market. They are skilled in performance (chorus mastering and singing), pedagogical, management, cultural and educational activity.

The Faculty is supplied with modern material and technical equipment in accordance with the Federal Educational Standards; this includes musical instruments, library, audio- and video-libraries. Media files are accessible through computer terminals located in the Academy’s buildings.

In 2014 the master’s study programme “Art of Folk Singing” successfully passed public accreditation (Certificate No.1341-08-A022.1)

Teaching staff. Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff assures the highest level of training. The teaching staff includes 8 professors, 6 assistant-professors, three People’s Artists of the Russian Federation, an Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation and an Honoured Worker of Higher School. Classes are conducted by recognized professionals in the field of folk singing art and education: People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, art director of the Kuban Kazak Choir – V.G. Zakharchenko; art director of the North Russian Folk Choir – S.K. Ignatyeva; the Honored Worker of Higher School of the Russian Federation, PhD in pedagogical sciences, professor – M.V. Medvedeva.

The Faculty of Folk Art organizes numerous competitions and festivals, research conferences in folk singing and education.

Interaction with employers. The study process is conducted in cooperation with famous ensembles: thePyatnitsky Russian Folk Choir, the State Academic North Russian Folk Choir, V.V. Nazarov GMTNI and