Best Educational Programs: THEATRE DIRECTING


Department of Drama Directing

Specialist’s programme

Master’s programme

Postgraduate programme


ZHENOVATCH, Sergey Vasilievich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. Several departments are involved in implementing the “Theatre Directing” programme. Drama Directing Department (Prof. S.Zhenovatch) and Circus Directing Department (Prof. M.Nemchinsky) award the qualifications of “Drama Director” and “Circus Director”; Department of Musical Theatre Directing and Acting (Prof.ˇD.ˇBertman) awards the qualification of “Musical Theatre Director”; Department of Variety Arts (Prof. M.ˇBorisov) – the qualification of “Variety Arts Director”.

New educational methods and technologies in the field of theatrical arts are actively used in the education process. The teaching and learning process is aimed at developing creativity and originality. GITIS has carefully preserved the traditions set up in the national dramatic theatre by A. Popov, A.Lobanov, Yu. Zavadsky, A. Goncharov, P. Fomenko, in the musical theatre – by L. Baratov, B. Pokrovsky, I. Tumanov,  E.Akulov,  M. Mordvinov; in the variety arts – by I. Sharoev, in the circus – by M. Mestechkin, Yu. Nikulin and many other outstanding personalities.

Teaching staff. High qualification of the teaching staff ensures the quality training of young directors. The teaching staff includes professors, Candidates of Art Criticism, Honoured Artists of Russian Federation, art directors of academic and municipal theatres of Moscow and other cities of Russia, heads of national and international forums and festivals.

Competitiveness of students. GITIS is very active in international student exchange programmes. Students and teachers’ creative projects are awarded Grand Prizes and diplomas of the festival “Your chance”, prize “Golden leaf”, of other national and international forums. High level of professional skills of students explains the demand on the labour market in many Russian regions and abroad. When still at the University students get recruit ment offers from the leading Russian theatres.

Interaction with employers. GITIS actively cooperates with many theatres and circuses of Moscow and other cities by holding joint events, workshops, training seminars.