Best Educational Programs: SET DESIGN


Department of Set Design

Specialist’s programme

Master’s programme

Postgraduate programme


MOROZOV, Stanislav Fedorovich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. The study programme at the Faculty of Set Design is developed in such a way that students get unique art education, become highly qualified and well demanded set designers or costume designers (depending on the programme), capable of carrying out the most dicult creative tasks.

The study programme provides an opportunity to get to know the theatre world, its his-tory, the history of art across its whole spectrum. The study programme includes contemporary teaching and learning methods and technologies that help in solving challenging set design problems. The basis of education is the individual approach that helps disclose the talent to its full capacity and develop personality of every student.

Teaching staff. The teaching staff of the Set Design Department are well known highly qualified artists, architects, designers, experts of the world art history, professors, associate professors, Candidates of Art Criticism, Honoured Artists of the Russian Federation. Due to its staff capacity the Department’s graduates are well trained specialists in set de-sign and onstage costume, well demanded in the modern creative theatre, cinema and other areas where designers are required.

Competitiveness of students. Extensive creative and exhibition activity of the Faculty helps students to integrate into artistic atmosphere of theatrical and creative projects of the Union of Theatre Workers and the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. Close network cooperation with different theatres, museums and creative centres open the doors of the professional career when still at the University. The students’ creative works get high rewards in national and international exhibitions. In 2015, the students of the Faculty will take part in the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

Interaction with employers. During their pre-diploma practice in Moscow theatres and the theatres in other Russian cities, the students gain valuable experience and knowledge on the process of production on the one hand, and on the other, the management of the theatre gets to know the students. As a rule talented students are offered positions in the theatres.