Department of the Russian Theatre History

Bachelor’s programme

Master’s programme

Postgraduate programme


LYUBIMOV, Boris Nikolaevich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. The study programme is aimed at developing the widely read and competent personality of the prospective theatre historian, active participant of the contemporary theatre process. The programmeprovides deep knowledge of theatre studies, history and criticism of theatre, literature, philosophy, history of art, music and cinema. The students develop research skills and competencies necessary for interpreting the meaning and nature of theatrical texts, individual understanding of the aesthetic processes of cultural life, analysis of various epochs in the history of theatre; students learn to look into interconnection between social history, politics and creative work.

The major value of this study programme is cohesion and unity of drama study and other related disciplines. The programme is aimed at the development of a historian, theorist and practitioner – critic, reviewer, journalist, a theatre and museum worker.

Teaching staff. The programme is delivered by the Departments of the Russian Theatre History and of the World Theatre History. The staff has developed special theatre pedagogics and principles of the profession which are being developed and consolidated today. Among the leading professors are A. Bartoshevich, B. Lyubimov, V. Silyunas, E. Khaichenko, N. Shalimova and others. All the teachers are involved in research and participate in national and international conferences.

Competitiveness of students. When still at the University the students get broad opportunities of integrating into the profession: creativity contests, round tables and conferences including the annual student conference “Volume”. Students are placed for work experience in theatres, publishing houses, radio and TV. Students are actively involved in the work of national and international festivals and events organized by the Union of Theatre Workers. Students also take part in discussions on the artistic processes of the theatres in Russia and publish the results of their research work in the leading theatrical editions. All the facts mentioned above represent the competitive advantage and explain why the students are in demand in the theatre and concert organizations, editorial offices, radio and TV, museums and educational establishments.