Best Educational Programs: CONDUCTING


Department of Choral Conducting

Bachelor’s programme


CHUKOV, Sergey Alekseevich

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. The Faculty of Conducting trains highly qualified bachelors in the framework of the programme “Conducting Academic Choir”. Graduates are prepared for the following professional activities: artistic and creative, cultural and edu-cational, organizational and managerial, pedagogical (secondary and higher professional education institutions, further education institutions). Further training by master’s pro-gramme is available for graduates of the Department.

The programme has successfully undergone public accreditation by European Association of Conservatories and was certified, which proves correspondence of the quality of the implemented programmes to the European Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance in education ESG-ENQA.

Teaching staff. The highest quality of education at the Faculty of Conducting is pro-vided by experienced teaching staff, which includes 11 professors, 6 assistant-professors, 5 PhDs, three Honored Artists of Russia, four Honored Art Workers and two Honored Workers of High School of the Russian Federation.

Competitiveness of students. Students acquire necessary skills participating in performance and research activity of the Department, which conducts concerts, festivals, research conferences, seminars in choir and conducting art, musical pedagogics and performance.

The academic choir of full-time students won the grand-prix of the third international competition “Contemporary Art and Education” (2008), the prize of XXX international festival of Orthodox Church Music “Hajnówka” (Bialystok, Poland), first prize of an inter-national competition in Vilnius (Lithuania, 2013). The Ensemble of Modern Choir Music “Altrocoro” won the first prize of the modern music competition “CantiverisPraga” (2012), the golden diploma of the 6th grade of the fourth International Anton Bruckner Choir Competition and Festival (Austria, 2013).

Interaction with employers. Students’ internship is conducted in cooperation with Moscow educational institutions (Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music, the GNESSINS Colledge), which help students to solidify knowledge and acquire teaching skills. All undergraduates participate in ensembles (according to the year of study). At the end of each semester, they take an examination concert in the Academy’s Grand concert hall.