Best Educational Programs: ART OF CONCERT PERFORMANCE


Faculty of Pianoforte

Specialist’s programme


SENKOV, Sergey Evgenyevich



HEI’s image. The mission of Russian Gnessin’s Academy of Music is to preserve and develop the unique Russian system of training musicians and teachers, who are able to spiritually and morally develop society in the context of economic, political and cultural globalization taking into account integration into the world educational area.

Programme presentation. The implemented study programmes of all levels of training successfully underwent public accreditation in 2014. The Faculty founded and annually conducts national inter-HEI competition “The Path to Mastery”, which was recognized among the Russian musical community.

The Faculty is supplied with up-to-date material and technical facilities: concert horizontal pianos of the “Steinway & Sons” company, horizontal pianos and pianos of leading foreign companies (Kawai, Yamaha, Shimmel and others), modern sound- and video re-cording equipment, which provides high quality of recording in the Academy’s concert halls.

Teaching staff. The teaching stuff of the Faculty consists of 25 professors, 19 assistant-professors and PhDs in art history. The majority of teachers are awarded honorary titles “People’s Artist of Russia”, “Honored Artist of Russia”, “Honored Art Worker of Russia” and others.

The Faculty’s structure includes two Departments of special pianoforte under the direction of the People’s Artist of Russia V.M. Tropp and the People’s Artist of Russia Y.A. Rozum; the Department of Organ and Cembalo under the direction of the People’s Artist of Russia A.V. Fiseysky and the Department of Methodology and Pedagogical practice headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor A.V. Malinkovskaya.

The teachers are included in the juries of various international competitions and festivals, give solo concerts, participate in ensemble music-making, conduct master-classes, methodological seminars and lectures in Russia and abroad. The teaching staff is continuously rejuvenated by the best graduates of the Faculty.

Competitiveness of students. Students participate in different international, national, regional, inter-HEI musical competitions and festivals. They undertake performance practice in the leading concert venues and educational institutions of Russia and foreign countries.

Graduates, as a rule, are employed by different concert organizations of the Russian Fede ration (philharmonics, chamber ensembles, orchestras), state and private educational institutions.