Best Educational Programs: MUSICAL SOUND DIRECTION


Department of Musical Sound Direction

Specialist’s programme


BRIL, Tamara Lazarevna

Head of the Department


Programme presentation. The graduates of the study programme “Musical Sound Direction” are competent in providing sound recording studios, electronic mass media, concert organizations, theatres and other culture institutions with professional sound direction. The main modules of the curriculum are two cycles of educational disciplines: the cycle of musical theoretical disciplines and the cycle of physical and mathematical disciplines, which provide technical training.

The equipment of the Academy’s sound record studio is state-of-the-art. Students have an opportunity to record sound from any of the three Academy’s concert halls; this pro-vides unique conditions to undergo working practice within the Academy.

Teaching staff. The Department of Musical Sound Direction of the Faculty of History, Theory and Composition has been conducting education and training activity since 1987. The founders of the Academy’s educational traditions are famous national sound directors P.K. Kondrashin, I.P. Veprintsev, A.I. Melitonyan.

The Department’s study process is based on versatility of education and individual approach to every student; special emphasis is put on practical and individual training. Qualified teachers deliver high quality education and training. The majority of the Department’s teachers are experienced practical specialists.

Competitiveness of students. Active concert performance and musical education activity of the Academy offers its students many opportunities to conduct professional activity during the study process.

Spheres of graduates’ professional activity are sound recording studios, theatrical and culture institutions, radio and television studios, concert organizations. Multifold spectre of the acquired competencies determines employability of graduates in Moscow and other regions of Russia. In addition to sound direction itself, graduates implement their skills as managers of sound recording studios and music programmes of electronic mass media, music arrangers, and music show producers. Graduates work as teachers of profile disciplines in higher professional education institutions.