Best Educational Programs: ACTING


Department of Acting

Specialist’s Programme

Master’s Programme

Postgraduate Programme


ANDREEV, Vladimir Alekseevich

Head of Department


Programme presentation. Training in the Acting study programme involves gaining knowledge in a number of humanitarian and professional disciplines. Due to this complex approach GITIS trains skilled actors who have a masterful command of dramatic identifica-tion, able to create original characters on both the theatre stage and the film set as well as possessing broad knowledge of their subject area.

Creative projects of graduates and teachers regularly win high rewards. These include the diplomas obtained at national and international festivals of student performances, such as Moscow International Festival of Graduate and Student Performances “Your Chance”, International youth theatre festival “APART” (St. Petersburg), youth festival “The Future of Theatrical Russia” (Yaroslavl) and many others.

Competitiveness of students. The Faculty is very active in student exchange programmes including international and professional internships and practices. The students come from many countries of the world (Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA, South Korea, Germany, Lebanon).

The GITIS diploma is highly valued on the labour market which is proved by the high employment rate of the graduates. Many of them become leading actors of theatre and cinema and are employed in the theatres of Moscow and other towns and cities in Russia and abroad.

Teaching staff. The Department of Acting is very proud of its developments in the field of acting educational methodology. Famous actors, stage and film directors teaching at the Faculty include the People’s Artist of the USSR V.A. Andreev, People’s Artists of the Russian Federation A.V. Borodin, B.A. Morozov, P.O. Khomsky, A.I.Sheinin, Honoured Worker of Art S.A. Golomazov.

Interaction with employers. When still at the University the students are actively involved in numerous art events (festivals, competitions, etc) held at GITIS on its own initiative and in cooperation with different cultural institutions. One of the most important stages of students’ professional development is their participation in creating plays that are shown on the GITIS training stages and in other Moscow theatres where young actors can demonstrate their talents. All this provides extensive opportunities for successful career development.